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NIOR is a high-tech development company, that designs and manufactures tools for production since 1984.

We offer technically sophisticated solutions enabled by the application of CNC machinery with CAD-CAM support system.

Our main categories of products

Forming rolls for production lines up to 800 mm in diameter
Tools for cutting out and bending metal sheets and profiles
Axles for production lines
Forming knives

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Highest quality
Own development
Tailor made solutions
Short delivery time

Turnkey Service

From conceptual design to your manufacture’s doorstep delivery. That way, your products are in safe hands throughout the whole process.



When looking for new market opportunities, we assist you from development of your business idea to the end product implementation.



Based on technical documentation of your production line we are able to construct and develop forming rolls, made by highest quality tool steel of European producers. Our professional team with 35 years of experience gives you guarantee about technically watertight end product.



Our thin and flexible organization enables us to react prompt on customers demand and deliver quality certified products to your production plant in a very short time.

Forming rolls

Our basic production programme is forming rolls for tubes and profiles production. By now, company NIOR has manufactured several thousand different types of forming rolls, placing us at the top of the forming roll manufacturers. With own construction and development experts we offer technically sophisticated solutions enabled by the application of CNC machinery with CAD-CAM support system.

Forming knifes

This programme was developed as supplementary service programme for tubes and profiles production plants. Circular blades are made from high quality tool steel, resistant to the heavy wear with extended life time.


Axles production with hardcrom treatment, which gives the product technical characteristics in most demanding production circumstances, is our minor programme. Second type of axles are those with built in forming roll with a shrink fit.